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The eMachines ET1831-05 is a budget desktop system produced by eMachines.

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I have two working desktop tower's both the same model,

Have two towers both same model l would like to combine the two into one, can you explain or point me in the right direction please

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Would need more info. Is one working or are they both not working?


@nevenlearn5150 you need to let us know if your computers are both eMachines ET1831-05 and what you are trying to accomplish; just like @gkjarhead is suggestion


Yes I have a ET 1831-05 and a ET 1810-01 both are old outdated but work l also have two spare laptop hard drives in one of them with data cables


What can I do to make better?


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Hey Bubba,

You should be able to basically plug and play different pieces together depending on what you are doing. If you are looking to add more RAM to one just add them in the DIMM slots if there are any available. If you are looking to add a HDD same thing applies you should be able to use another power from the ‘run’ that is already there, and at most would need a SATA cable to plug it in to your motherboard. Beyond that there probably isn’t much else you would want to do.

Hope this helps!

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So the ET 1831 is what I would focus on. And depending on what hard drives you have in the laptops. I might start with Hard drive. I am amazed at how much speed adding an SSD to a system provides. So if you have an SSD in one of those machines you can use I would start there.

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