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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Why is my phone intermittently getting no signal?

So I have a samsung s9+ which has recently developed a problem connecting to 4G. I replaced the charging port and battery and then 2 days later it started getting problems connecting to 4G. It will work for an hour or 2 then all of a sudden won’t connect. Sometimes it loses signal all together and has a circle with a / through it and sometimes it says it has signal but doesn’t have the 4G symbol as normal. Does anyone know what I should be looking at to fix it?

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Hi @satnight101 ,

Check that the GSM antenna is securely fitted.

Here’s the Ifixit Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Vervangen van de NFC-antenne en de oplaadspoel guide that may help. See Steps.10 &11.

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