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De grotere versie van Samsung's nieuwste smartphone, de Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Uitgebracht in April van 2017.

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after getting wet it will not charge

Is the voltage regulator on the daughter board?

My S8+ indicated moisture when I plugged in the charging cable, the next day it did not but It will not take a charge. Even wirelessly. It was working fine, just not charging. Once the battery went down the phone will not power on. When charging now there is a circle with a lightning bolt on an otherwise blank screen, normally it has the percentage charge also. last percentage charge I saw was 0%.So I think it is the voltage regulator that is fried. If it is on the daughter board I can pillage one from another Google Locked phone and fix mine.

You think this will work?

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Replace the charge port. I see this happen quite often after they get wet or even just out of nowhere. Just make sure you get the port that corresponds with your model otherwise you’ll end up with a “No Sim” error message.

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