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Een gameconsole voor de televisie, geproduceerd door Sony Computer Entertainment, ook bekend als de PS4. Voor het eerst aangekondigd op 20 februari 2013 en gelanceerd op 15 november, 2013.

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Why is my PlayStation not working on the TV?

I have a PS4 that is brand new and won’t work in my sons tv, we have checked the HDMI cable and the tv works with the Xbox. The PlayStation works on another TV so all devices are fully working but it’s just a black screen on his TV, does anyone know what I can do? I have tried holding down the power button for 2 beeps and still nothing??? Thanks

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Hey Julie,

Have you made sure that the source is set correctly on his TV? I know you have probably tried that but is isn’t listed so won’t hurt to mention.

Try turning them each on in a different order. (TV then PlayStation and vice versa)

When the screen is black you can also try changing the display on the TV. It might be trying to use a setting that isn’t supported by your son’s TV.

Hope this helps!

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Hiya, thanks for response, we have tried changing the source on there with no luck. I just don’t understand what it can be as everything works individually ?

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I would think that it would be something with the TV at this point. I would try another HDMI port and/or lower the resolution on the TV. If it is a standard PS4 I believe it can only support 1080p.


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