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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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CPU upgrade from 2.66GHz to 3.06GHz

Hello there. I've bought last summer an iMac 20' 2008 for 500 bucks. I'm very satisfied with it but since few weeks i'm thinking about upgrading the CPU to an Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06GHz and the ram to 4+1GB.

No problem for the RAM, but the CPU upgrade is more difficult. I've already read the Chris and Carlos's posts and Chris helped me a lot. My current exact CPU is an Intel E8335, and I want to buy this one Ebay which is a 8435, the one in the iMac 24'. I'm pretty sure it's the right one but i'd like a last agreement :).

My concern is about heating. As Chris misses the screw of the heatsink, he couldn't tell me I he has overheating problem from the upgrade.

So, do you thinks I will have heating problem after the upgrade ?


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Put artic silver on it and clean the heatsink while it's apart to reduce heat, his might be due to a dirty heatsink not breathing right

Artic Silver 5 is the gold standard of thermal paste if you ask me personally... this is all I use doing repairs(or thermal pads)

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Hi, thanks for replying. I haven't bought it yet I'm just want to be sure before. Do I need to buy a special cleaner or can I just use alcohol ? I take apart my wife macbook unibody last week. She had it constantly heating. It came from the thermal paste, it was dry and I think there was too much . Because she needed it I bought some thermal paste to the nearest shop for $7, I guess it isn't fabulous but no more problem.

So you think that the Arctic Silver would get the job done ?

Anyone know what kind of thermal paste Apple use ?


+ You can use alcohol and paper towels to clean the old thermal paste off. You put a VERY thin layer of thermal paste on the chip. Enough to just cover the metal. None should squeeze off the chip when the heat sink is secured. Using Arctic Silver 5 usually lowers a chips temperatures by 5C - 10C from what had been previously used, under the same work load. If you go through the forums most people that work on these are not happy with the quality of the thermal compound used by Apple - you will see a 10C replacing Apples thermal compound with Arctic Silver 5.


+ use arctic silver on repairs for imac, xbox.. ifixit recommends it too


ifixit techs swear by it, apple uses cheap silicone thermal paste


Thanks everyone for replying. I'll surely buy some arctic silver 5 then, I saw a lot on Ebay. Even if it's a little more expensive it seems to worth it. If the one Apple use is crap (and they don't seem to put it correctly) I'll also replace the one I put into my wife's mac and the one in my mbp 2011 which is quite overheating for nothing (I suspect flash a lot). I only have to find some torx screwdrivers and suction cups and i'll be ready.


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