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Repair information for impact drivers.

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Trigger not triggering impact driver - how to diagnose/fix?

My erbauer impact driver started having intermittent problems where the trigger would t trigger the driver. This has gradually got worse, no it never works.

it’s not the battery, that works in the drill fine.

I’ve squirted contact cleaner in it, no joy.

you can see the problem in the video, you can see how the contact light flickers, it’s like there isn’t enough contact to get the thing going.

im not knowledgable enough to know what this means or how to diagnose it further.

Anyone any ideas?

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Hi @tofuwarrior,

What is the model number of the drill?



Thanks for answering.

I think it is ERI604IPD

The I might be 1.

It also says 15W45 00398

On it.

But I’m guessing the first one is the model.




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Could be a bad switch "trigger" . I suggest you take it apart and use a multimeter to check the switch. You can of course never rule out a bad motor but for now I put my money on the switch.

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Hi @tofuwarrior ,

I agree with @oldturkey03 about the trigger switch most probably being the problem.

I can't find your model listed here but it still may be worthwhile contacting them and asking if there are any parts available for the drill.


@jayeff @oldturkey03 , thanks very much for your advice and link to that supplier. I’ll find out how to check the switch using multimeter and see where we go from there ?


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