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24" display; Built-in iSight Camera, Microphone, and Speakers; 1920x1200 resolution. Released October 2008, identified by model number A1267.

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I want to convert the isight that comes with the display into an USB o

I have one isight from this screen and I want to use it in my Desktop computer as webcam converting it into a USB one. I've seen many people already done this with other modelos but mine has different wire colors

Update (06/22/2021)

This is my webcam connector

Block Image

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When i cut a usb cord there were only 2 wires?


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@gerardit post some good pictures of what your camera connector looks like and the board where it plugs into. Cable colors are really not standardized yet and thus it can’t be taken for granted that it is connected different. Continue by checking the schematics and that will be your guide for that. The cable color will always correspond to their position on the connector. With this schematic you can connect it to a USB connector.

Block Image

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Update (06/27/2021)

@gerardit thank you for adding the image

Looks like

Pin 1 ==>Grey

Pin 2 ==> White

Pin 3 ==> Green

Pin 4 ==> Blue

Pin 5 ==> Black

White would be USB Data negative

Green would be USB Data positive

Blue would be USB Vcc 5V positive

Gray and Black would be ground.

Those colors actually already correspond with the standard USB cables with the exception Red on USB meets Blue on your camera.

Block Image

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thank for your help it worked


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Check out this guide Page 58 for the cameras wiring

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@danj this must be one of your weakest answers ever. There is absolutely no reference to any of the wiring that is pertinent to this question. Maybe you should consider an edit to this.


@oldturkey03 - How so, a volt meter is all you need to ID the power and the other two are the USB data.


@danj not with the link to the manual you provided.


3. camera is the connection to the logic board.

Probing the header for voltage to remove the power feeds the USB data feeds are left (Green & White wires in your image)

The reason I didn't list the colors is Apple has used a few different suppliers which used different colors.

Granted I didn't hand it to them like you have, but I didn't want to mis-lead if the cable wires are different and I didn't have one to compare to be sure.


@danj oh I see. Just another outstanding explanation. Makes perfect sense to me :-)


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