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Model A1121—a speaker system for use with any iPod digital music player, developed and manufactured by Apple. First released on February 28, 2006, the iPod Hi-Fi retailed at the Apple Store until its discontinuation on September 5, 2007.

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Speaker domes have been pushed inward.

A colleague asked:

Block Image

[Someone] poke[d] in the center domes (dented not ripped) of the three speakers and now I can't figure out a way to pull them back out again.  Anyone have any ideas for how to repair?

I tried scotch tape (fail) and as some online recommended a vacuum but couldn't get a strong seal.

Are there any good ways to get this repaired without leaving marks or damage?

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I just received an iPod HiFi in the post! The left and right speaker domes were inverted and the centre showed signs of previously being inverted. After thinking a while, I decided to wrap my lips around the domes and give a good suck. Both popped back into shape! They do show some crease lines from where they were previously bent but it’s not too bad.

If you try this method, I suggest you brush your teeth or chew a little gum first. These HiFis appreciate fresh breath when you’re giving them a kiss of life.

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