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GTX 1060 Stopped working after a strong lightning, is it fixable?

I have Palit Jetstream GTX 1060 6gb and i think lightning killed it since it no longer sends any signal to my monitor after it stopped suddenly. I already tried reseating the card and using it on another system but same issue. I haven’t checked if there is something that exploded or burnt inside to cause the issue but i’m considering trying to fix the card instead of buying a new due to the current prices of GPUs in the market.

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unfortunately youll probably have to tear down the card and look for blown SMDs.

before you do that check the pins on the board of the card. make sure there are no scorch marks there. thats the easiest thing to do for now. after that itll be taking the card apart to check the SMDs.

the next would be testing SMDs on the board. the hard part is going to be knowing what components are supposed to be. finding board drawings will be near impossible. there might be someone on this site that may have something.

good luck!

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Hi @logixal ,

Just wondering why the GPU card would take the brunt of a lightning surge and not have the PSU (motherboard??) affected also. After all it is the PSU that is connected to the AC mains and it supplies DC power to the GPU card as well as the motherboard etc, so any power surge has to go through it first ;-)

Hi @Joman Bucad

Have you also checked the PSU to ensure that it is still supplying power on the power cable connected to the GPU card?

Here is how to test the power from a PSU


@jayeff to be honest stranger things have happened to me. ive actually had this happen to me with a lightning strike, took out my VC and RAM all in one swoop. i honestly didnt think to check the PSU first which is entirely possible as well. good call


I opened the card and there are no burnt stuff, i do notice that the processor inside the gpu doesnt heat up when i plug it in when testing after cleaning. I don't have a microscope to check further or a multi tester at the moment but will try to check again once they arrive. thanks for the tips though.


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