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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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dropped laptop now screen doesn't work

PowerBook g4 i dropped laptop now screen doesn't work


the hinge still works properly. my PowerBooks stll boots up and it sounds like the hardrive is spinning. the screen just stays black.

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Please be more specific about the PB damages (hinges OK ?) and what's happening when you push the power button. Any activity ? Do you hear the boot chime ? Do you hear the hard drive spinning ? Check if you see a faint image of the desktop if the machine boots.

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Hinges ok, it's booting up and it sounds like the hardrive is spinning but the screen stays black.


I also tried connecting to a external monitor and it didn't work.


That's bad news. No external video signal could be related to a logic board damage. Well try all the usual troubleshooting stuff like the pram reset, PMU reset, boot from the installation disk, etc. Any damage to the PB case ?


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