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Chromebook won't boot after replacing the touch screen. (Model below)

I am not sure if this is a generic Chromebook issue, a managed Chromebook issue, a Lenovo specific issue, or a Lenovo N24/300e specific issue.

I am a school district IT Admin, we have hundreds of Google Managed Lenovo N24/300e Chromebooks.

In an attempt to take two broken devices and turn them into one working device. Device A (broken screen), Device B (broken other stuff), into Device AB. I tried to replace a broken screen (touch) on Device A with the one from Device B. The screen worked fine on Device B prior, however once I swapped, I could not get anything to display on Device A.

I then took the broken screen originally on Device A, and tried it on Device B, however I got the same black screen, no display. In an effort to make sure, that I wasn’t just completely messed up, I then put the screens back on their original device, and both booted up just fine. This leads me to believe that there is some sort of a hardware ID fault that occurs when replacing screens(touch screens), on these devices, or maybe Chromebooks in general for security reasons.

I am wondering if this is a known issue, if there are reset procedures I need to follow, or if anyone has any other advice.

Thank you,

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I would first try a hardware reset, and then contact Lenovo directly for further assistance.

The hardware reset may delete some files in the Chromebook 's Downloads folder, however.

To perform the reset, first place the touchscreen on the desired Chromebook. Then press and hold the Refresh button on the keyboard (it looks like a circular arrow.) Then tap the Power button. Release the Refresh button when the Chromebook starts up.

If this doesn't work, then I would call Lenovo's tech support line at 1-855-253-6686, Option #1. It may be a proprietary configuration to exert control over how their products are used, like you said.

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