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Repair guides and support for headphones inserted into the ear or ear canal, also known as earbuds, earpods and earphones.

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Replace audio jack on iPhone headphones

My iPhone headphones keep breaking, always at the connection to the audio jack (yes, I know I'm hard on them, but this seems to be a common problem). I now have quite a collection of headphones and instead of getting new ones, I'd like to simply get new jacks and wire them up.

Any tips would be appreciated, especially which wire goes to which connector. Also, a good source for the audio jacks. Thanks.

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oldturkey03, thanks for the response. I should have specified that I want to repair iPhone headphones. That requires a TRRS connector. This is harder to find, and the only ones I have found so far won't fit on my iPhone with the bumper on.

But, the main problem I have is that when I opened up the cable, I found four individual sets of wires, plus one that is two sets of wires twisted together and I have no idea which wire goes to which terminal.


If you have so many broken ones I'd use one as your anatomy model.. Strip it down to work your wires out...


Do your broken headsets have a microphone on it?


Yes, they do have a microphone. My biggest problem is trying to figure out which wire goes to which post. I tried taking apart the old plug, but could not do it neatly enough to see where the wires went. The cable has 6 wires, a red, a green, 2 copper colored, plus a red and a green twisted together.


the two copper will be ground. Try to trace it with a normal battery. Put the copper wire oon the negative pole of the battery and listen to the earbuds while you strike the positive with the individual wires. You should hear a click, hum, buzz (not sure how to describe noise on here ;-) when you get to the speaker part of the headphones. gut feeling here is that the twisted ones are mic...


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You are looking for the 3.5mm TRS jack connector. You can get those from places like and many others. As for the wiring, you could check on here to see how it's done ;-) Hope this helps, good luck

UPDATE take a look and see if this one would work better. Check the pinout here and info on the iPhone headphone here

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