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The HP Spectre x360 13 -ac023dx is a compact laptop which is light, powerful, and has smart security features.

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When I close my laptop and open it again it says no bootable device.

My laptop has no problems when I start it up, but if I close the laptop for a while and open the computer it says no bootable device.

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Curious. What happens if you shut it down from Windows and close the "lid" and then open it and press power button to turn on?


I close the lid while the computer is on. Later I go and open and notice the computer is really hot and the screen says no bootable device.



Hi Kevin,

I understand that but try what I suggested above. Is it still hot later on?

You may have some process still running after you shut the "lid" which is excessively accessing your hard drive causing it to overheat.

If it is cool after proper shutting down then you will know this is the case. Try it.


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Please take a look at this post to find a solution.

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