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Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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Trying to diagnose a problem. Do I need a new charging daughterboard?

So last October my Galaxy S8 and I fell into a river when my canoe tipped. The back was cracked so no water resistance. Three weeks in a bag of silica and 6 months sitting in a drawer later, the phone turns on and everything works, except occasionally when I plug in the charger the device will shut off, and the vibrator will spaz out for a second. After being off for like 5-10 seconds, I am able to turn the phone back on without issue. I have not had this problem with wireless charging, and if I plug in the cable and this issue doesn't happen, the device charges up fine.

When I first tried turning on the phone even after it sitting in the silica bag for a few weeks, it said there was water in the port. The next few times I tried turning it on, it still said that, and it wouldn't let me use the port (but I could wirelessly charge). Now after sitting in the drawer for months, it does not say there is water, but this happens.

So, does this sound like something a new charging port daughterboard would fix? Or does it sound like something else is going bad, or is there perhaps still water inside? Again, the phone works fine otherwise- I've put some hours on it to test it. Just this charging issue.

I do have another phone I am using by the way.

So what do you all think?


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Water damage is always tricky, and unfortunately there usually isn’t a simple answer. If the rest of the phone is working, I would say that replacing the charging port on the logic board may fix your problem. I would open the phone up to get a good look at the damage. If it’s clear there’s been lots of shorts and you can see burn like marks, I’d say the phone is toast. If not, give soldering on a new charging port a try.

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