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An Android smartphone announced by vivo, a Chinese technology company, in March 2018. Models: 1725, X21A.

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VIVO S1 Touch Glass replacement

My ViVO S1 touch glass has been broken, But touch and display working good. Is there any way to change just broken glass, if yes then how much would you charge for it?

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Hi Jeff,

From what I can see poking around the internet, the front glass is indeed replaceable, but it is bonded to the LCD and requires specialized equipment to remove the old glass and replace it with new. For a do-it-yourselfer it's a job beyond the capability of most of us. The entire screen itself is actually fairly reasonable in price; I found some running around $30 USD brand new, so they're not expensive to replace if you're doing it yourself.

Speaking of which, your last question can't be answered appropriately because iFixit does not do repairs; it's a resource site for people who want to be able to repair their own devices, and as such sells parts for a wide variety of devices (unfortunately yours is not one of those), provides free repair guides, and has a community of experts who are willing to help people out with their broken devices.

If you want to try to repair your own phone we'd be happy to try and help, but you will need to locate your own repair shop if you're wanting someone else to fix it for you.

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I want to do by my own


Just to be clear, are you saying you have this same phone, a VIVO S1, and you want to find out how to replace the screen on yours? Is that correct?


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How to replacewhen water goes inside

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