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Snoopy Hallmark toy, not moving [Looking for datasheet of SC4057]


I’m trying to fix a Snoopy Hallmark toy, it looks like this

Block Image

The idea is that Snoopy is meant to rock back and forth to the music, using a magnetic coil and some magnets embedded in the base.

I have opened up the toy and checked the connectivity of the coil and there are no breaks in the coil, the circuit board status also looks fine, no burns or marks, plus it still plays the music and “talks” to the other toys (it sends out a radio signal so that all the other toys play in sync with the music)

Looking up the toy online I was able to find a schematic here, which matches up perfectly.

Doing a little bit of additional sleuthing with an oscilloscope, I was also able to determine that there are pulses happening on lines T9 and T10, so I suspect that the SC4057 chip is not working in some way.

Block Image

However I’m unable to find this chip online and I don’t really know what this chip does, I’m hoping that someone know the datasheet for the chip or figure out what it does.


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Are there any markings on the SC4057 IC on the board?


Yep quite hard to read but the first line is SC4057 the second line I'm a bit unsure about but it looks like U168 or H168 or maybe just 11168.


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I really want to help since I fixed a similar toy to this, since it is supposed to rock back and forth to the music, using a magnetic coil and some magnets embedded in the base, what is making the magnetic coil move? My guess it’s some type of motor in the toy, that is weak and stopped moving the toy. If it’s the circuit board try to test the power in the board using a multimeter. Sometimes the board can short out, and not have enough power to move the toy anymore, only enough power to make it still sing/play music. If you can find the source to the magnetic coil and how it makes the snoopy rock, you can determine how to fix it.

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The connection for the magnetic coil is through the SC4057 chip (OUTA and OUTB on the circuit diagram), which is the component which I suspect is shorted out, unfortunately I cannot find out what the chip does or what it is to replace it and hopefully resolve the issue.

I've also determined the voltage being provided to VDD of the chip is sufficient enough to power the coil (roughly 4.5V)


ok cool. I wish you the best of luck


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