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iPhone XR says it's charging but it's not, and it's stuck.

Hi peeps,

So I had a pretty damaged iPhone XR and today I finally decided to give it a fix. I work at a cellphone repair shop so i’m pretty familiar with fixing and such. Anyway, I replaced the LCD, battery, and lighting charging port because the screen was cracked, the battery was fried, and it wouldn’t charge. It booted up and worked fine until I ran into some problems. For some reason it says it’s charging, like the charging icon is next to the battery and says it’s charging yet right now its at a standstill of 2%. I tried draining the battery because I thought maybe I needed to drain it first and then recharge it, but it’s totally stuck on 2 yet it says it is charging. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I would appreciate it greatly, as I am stumped on what to do and I would love it have it as a back up phone and share it with my family. I just don’t know why it won’t charge though and would love any advice. Thank you very much to all!

Thank you


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Since you have ruled out a parts problem it would point to the logic board. Firstly I would check the pins on the battery connector and make sure none are pushed into the plastic.

 I have seen tristar testers fail on the XR when tristar is perfectly fine. The tristar/hydra is next to the CPU on the XR so you would need to be certain it is faulty before replacing.

The most common cause for your symptoms on the XR would be faulty coils next to U3300. Replace these coils and it should solve the fake charging issue.

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I would test the tristar ic which a tristar tester. It's the chip that controls charging and data transfer. You could also check the charging port, make sure there is nothing in the port like lint. Check the connection on the battery and clean it with a qtip and alcohol. You could also look to see if you have capacitor or filter blown near the battery connection. You will need a magnifying glass or microscope to check that.

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