Monitor loses signal after a couple of seconds after startup

Hello everyone. My old PC was running a bit slow so I thought cleaning it off would help. I unplugged the graphics card from the motherboard and also removed a fan from a graphics card itself and cleaned only a fan with a bit wet towel (there was no water damage for sure) then I put it all back and plugged the card back into the motherboard. Booted the computer and after some time when I logged into my account and windows showed up it lost signal, tried to restart and still loses signal after a couple of seconds of a full boot. I had the windows freshly installed so there was mo graphics driver so I tried to reinstall the windows again but after booting the USB to install the windows 10 it did the same, after a couple of seconds it said no signal on the monitor and it never comes back. Tried to unplug and plug the VGA and power cable in, even tried to remove it from the motherboard and put it back in but it does the same, goes no signal after a couple of seconds after startup. Any ideas what can I do?

I have Nvidia GeForce GT 630

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