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The Razer Naga Trinity is a gaming mouse made by Razer and powered by Razer Chroma. This device comes with three interchangeable side panels and is compatible with Mac and Windows computers. Model number RZ01-02410100-R3U1.

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Where can I buy a replacement encoder wheel?

TL;DR: Previous owner asked me to look at it after it had issues with vertical scrolling, tried to fix it and does not want the mouse. This is a $100 mouse (new), so it’s at least worth trying to save.

When you try and use the mouse, the scroll wheel always scrolls down, rather then up; it’s essentially unusable right now since it’s always happening. I already tried cleaning the sensor with canned air, and the issue persists so I did make an attempt to save it for nothing. However, this one uses the LK-E5 (4 wire) wheel, yet I cannot find them on eBay; just the 3 wire :(.

Is there a source I can get 2-3 of the LK-E5 encoder wheel (ideally, with the Razer specific connector)? I tried to find one, and I cannot find one from a domestic seller or a one-off seller from China for the time being. The rest of the mouse is fine, but just the scroll wheel has an issue.

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Hi @nick ,

Tongue-in-cheek answer ;-)

You could always become the source for these in the USA and contact this supplier and ask what the minimum quantity is. (500?, 250?)

Might take a while to recoup the cost (+ shipping) if the minimum is 1000 though.



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Hi Nick! these manufactures make it REALLY hard to buy component level replacement parts, as youve found out im sure.

i think your best bet would be trying to find a donor mouse to pull from

something like this

good luck !

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