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The Hisense 32H4C model is a 32-inch high-definition television with a light-emitting diode (LED) display.

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Why is there lines in the middle of the TV but there is no crack?

Hello, I dropped the TV it looks like its cracked but isn't. The screen still works but just has a bunch of lines in the middle. Is there any cheap repair methods?

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Very good answer, I agree. Thanks for asking and replying, Matt of Martins TV.


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Hi @joshua221 ,

What colour are the lines?

If they’re black then it may be that the tab board connections to the screen have come loose at that point.

These connections are very fragile and the best that you can do is to see if you can gently push the cable back onto the screen and hopefully it will stay there. If no good it will mean a screen replacement as it cannot be repaired

If they’re coloured then it may be a loose connection between the tcon board and the tab board.

In any event check the connections between the tcon board and the tab boards and the tab board and the LCD screen at the point where the lines are.

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