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Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and Alltell CDMA version of the HTC Touch Pro (RAPH800).

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How do you test electronic components?

I've got a dead electronic device (HTC Touch Pro CDMA to be exact, but I'm looking for a more general solution) and am trying to figure out exactly what's wrong. I own a multimeter, but don't know precisely how to use it to test the various boards to see exactly what's wrong and what to replace. I expected there to be a Guide on here about this, similar to the soldering guide, but I can't seem to find one.


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Here are some good tutorials and Now to test the SMD I'd invest in one of these Here and here are good tutorial on the SMD and Hope this is going to help you out. Big issue with any of the devices will be that a schematic is going to be very useful, but not always available. I do recommend that you start building yourself a file library and keep/get as many schematics as possible. The probable reason for the lack of a guide that you are looking for is the vast amount of different boards. Each manufacturer likes to protect there boards from copying etc.... Hope this makes sense...:-) Good Luck.

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