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Can someone suggest a replacement screen for an HP 15-gw0022od?

First, I do apologize because I am so new to this and think I chose the wrong model/series, etc in the device section but I am so frustratingly lost here.

Second, don't laugh. My mom ruined her laptop by dropping her light saber on it. Its cracked all the way through. I've managed to take the old screen off just to see if I could do it and thought I'd surprise her by fixing it but I am gaving the hardest time finding the right replacement screen and of course HP (from what I can find) doesn't sell the replacement screens anymore.

Its an HP 15-gw0022od far as I can tell. I can give more info if necessary.

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What model number is on the back of the display? Instead of looking for a display for that specific laptop, search the model shown on the back (or wherever it is located) on the original display that you removed. Try searching for that model number.

Many displays are shared by multiple devices, it should be easier to find one.

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With many of these older (or low end) HP laptops the bare panel can be enough to total out the computer to the point you either need a donor, or end up replacing the entire computer. In some cases, the donor is better than the original in a good way where you give up on the original. I’ve personally have often ended up with donors that are so good, the original is being retired instead and the parts I need to move get moved evn though that wasn’t the intention. The cost issue isn’t AS MUCH of a problem if you have junk PCs you can pull a panel from (or time), but not everyone has that, or the specs rule out the long haul game. That said, the HP Spare# for this is L52000-001.

Take the laptop apart and make sure it’s the same before you order anything, but I’d bet on Samsung LTN or AUO for the LCD brand, or Innolux for some of the newer SVA machines (like my 840 G3’s FHD panel). It’s new enough to be eDP, but you probably want to double check.

Unless she has some emotional attachment to the laptop, the displays tend to total low end units like this one out unless you know how to shop for cheap parts, sad to say. The CPU (R5 3300U) and screen (768p EDP TN) give it away. This is coming from someone who called a laptop a family member clinged to a total loss, and had to tell her I will not work on it anymore after the dog went to the bathroom on it!

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