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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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MacBook chimes but has white screen


I have an unibody 2008 MacBook, that I got scammed for. I couldn’t return it, so I am asking if there is a way to fix it. The MacBook chimes, and only shows white on the screen. I tried resetting the SMC, PRAM and NVRAM and none worked (and safe mode). It can’t be my Hard Drive because I tested it in another laptop. The laptop will not accept option or command R commands.


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Your system is pre-recovery! You need a 2012 or newer to get the internet recovery service, the 2008 to 2011 system did offer recovery partition services which was a hidden partition on the drive. But if the drive was wiped it likely doesn’t have it. So these options are not available here - Sorry!

Lets backup here … Do we know you have RAM installed? Correct sizes and specs. This system also can only run upto OS-X El Capitan 10.11.6 so make sure you’ve got your drive setup correctly otherwise it won’t boot up correctly.

So the bottom line here is we need to try one more test to see where things are (you don’t need the RAM or a working drive). Restart your system and this time press the T key which is another startup key which will tell your system to go into Target Disk Mode. Your display should show a FireWire icon on the screen. Are you able to get to that point? If you do there’s a chance to get this puppy working if not the logic board has failed.


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Thanks for your comment! I have tested the RAM in another MacBook and it worked. The SSD had a dosdude1 patcher of macOS High Sierra but it did not work. I also tried an El Capitan Disk and the same occurred. Will try T key in a minute


Hi @danj

I have tried T but it didn't work. BTW, It would detect USB drives and the CD drive and the Caps Lock light also turns on. Any other suggestions?


@rs1020 - Time to play taps on this poor soil. Nothing more you can do. Your GPU /PCH combo chip is gone. You'll need a new logic board to fix.


@danj i actually got it to work when i disconnected the lcd and connected it to a monitor. But with the lcd connected, it doesn't work on the lcd or monitor. Any ideas?


mmm... Very odd! You'll need to try another display assembly Unibody MacBook Complete Display (2008), Apple P/N 661-5103


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