Mounting the mic iMac 2017 27" & 21.5" (and how does it work?)


Despite, luckily, finding out about needing to cut out the tape for the 2017 iMac mic, I’ve still ended up with it working. It was fine with tape in place prior to sealing, but stopped working after sealing. No sound reported at all.

Attempted remedies:

Having opened it back up, I cannot get it to respond again. I’ve carefully unseated the cable to the ZIF and reseated it in case I’d not got that firmly set. I’ve tried it with the iMac lying down and screen slightly raised to provide a clear route to the mic. I used the sticky side of some insulating tape to dab the mic area in case dust had got in. I wanted to try the current mic off body in case the hole has something deeper in it (and just shoving a cocktail stick in the hole with a mic at the other end seems a bad idea). I have a new mic on the way as the final backup.


  • Does anyone have any other suggestions of things to test before giving up on this mic?
  • Could anyone tell me how to unseat the current mic and mount the new one?
  • How does the mic work in that position behind the screen?
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