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The Nintendo Switch is a handheld game console that can be played on the TV via a docking station, or on the go. Released March 3rd, 2017.

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Why won't my screws unscrew


I’ve been trying to repair my switch - it’s quite old now and has been used by a 5 year old who is now 9…. so yeah it need some repairs. I’m trying to open up the back cover and the Y100 screwdriver I have just won’t unscrew. They move while trying to unscrew but just don’t budge. I don’t have a drill or any fancy tools just screwdrivers so idk what to do

Note: I’ve never tried to unscrew these before

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Since the screws move, but don’t budge. I would try various types of screwdrivers,like smaller ones or bigger ones(depending on the screws). They make magnetic screwdrivers that can pull the screws out. I do know, that some products/toys have this similar issues, so if all else fails, you can slowly pry it open. Sometimes the screws are out, but they can appear stuck in there, but be careful if you decide to do that.

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