Washer Turns Itself Off Model WF42H5600AP/A2

Washer Turns Itself Off - Model WF42H5600AP/A2

My washer will power on initially when I hit the power button, but the user interface display will only stay on for about five seconds and then I will hear a click and the unit turns off by itself. When I try the power button again the next few times, it will not power up (I hear it click then click off again instantly), then eventually after hitting the power button enough times, it will click on and the user interface display will light up for a few brief seconds again, before powering off again by itself. Even after it powers itself off, the green lights on the Main and Inverter PCBs continue to flash.

I checked and have 120V going to the filter and out of the filter. 120V goes to the Main PCB and Inverter PCB, and both of these have blinking green lights on them. I also checked the power coming out of the Main PCB to the front user interface PCB and have the correct 5V and 12V to ground.

Would you expect this to be an issue with the Main PCB, User Interface PCB, or anything else?

I’ve looked at all circuit boards and don’t see any visible burns, damages, or loose connections. I’ve also tested all the capacitors on the Main PCB and user interface PCB - all tested fine. Wiring harness appears to test fine with a continuity test as well.

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