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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun Friends Musical Table Computer Broken

I have this baby activity center that works perfectly except when the computer is open it thinks it’s closed, when it’s closed it thinks its open. It still works, it’s just operating backwards. I love this table and feel that surely it could be fixed. I tried to take it apart but was afraid I was going to break it. If you have any experience with this table I’d love some help. Thanks in advance!

You can see the table here:

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I would like to say it some kind of sensor/circuit board that is out of place, causing it to activate when its closed and stop when its open. Its sensing that it’s opened, when its really closed. I think that you may have to take apart the actual opening and closing computer screen and adjust it so the sensors know when the toy is opened or closed.

I would also appreciate if you’d checkout my animatronic problem:Why is my Grubby unresponsive/broken?

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