Gas Stove Won't Ignite

I have a Modern Maid KGT-693 U Gas Stove. It has two gas burners. One is working and the other isn’t. As for the one that isn’t working, I just got a “new (actually it's used, but polished and cleaned)” burner to replace the old one. When I turn it on, I hear the clicking noise and I can smell the gas, but it doesn’t ignite. I tried using a match and that works fine. Since the burner is new/used, it doesn’t need to be cleaned. I’ve cleaned out the drip pan, just in case that had anything to do with it. So, I’m left with one final conclusion and that is that something is wrong with electrical igniter. Do I need to get a new spark module? Is there a way to repair it?

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We never use the grill, so I figured that the igniter switches for those should be good, so I tried swapping them. Now, there’s no clicking at all, so none of them work. Furthermore, the fan doesn’t work either. Did I loosen some wire or something?


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