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Apple's fifth-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 20, 2019.

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My speaker is scratched. Apple won't fix it under warranty.

My apple watch series 5’s speaker has started to sound like the speaker is blown. I sent it in to apple and they say the speaker is scratched. They returned it to me and told me to buy a new one. Is this fixable?

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I haven’t heard of a scratched speaker before, an odd thing to say!

While this will sound strange I’m more likely to believe you got something caught within the speaker hollow which is making the sound worse.

Your watch does have a special option to push out water caught in the speaker. Slide your finger up to gain access to the control center, you should see an icon shaped like a drop of liquid. Pressing on that will enable the crown to push out the water (rotating it).

So now the next trick is to get your watch wet! get a container large enough to put your hand and watch under water, fill it with warm water and run it a few times did that fix it?

Otherwise you need a new speaker assembly. At this point Apple is really the only one who can help you.

I would find my way to a REAL Apple Store as the person you talked too was not skilled on the watch. to blurt out a scratched speaker!

A blown speaker or a damaged speaker I could understand. And in any case you don’t need to buy a new watch is likely still under warranty (1 yr US, 2 yrs most EU countries)

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Thanks for your response. My watch was sent to Apple. They looked at the speaker with a microscope and denied the warranty. I have a the magnified picture that’s attached to my Apple support case number. I have no idea how that would have happened. From what you said about Apple having to replace the speaker, I would guess I’m out of luck. Thanks again for responding.


@ltkom82 - So they are claiming you poked the speaker with a needle then?

Was your watch sold as used or a return?

This makes little sense!


That’s exactly what they said. I bought it new. I don’t know when it could have happened because I never use the speaker. I found out the other week, because I didn’t have my phone on me and had to answer a call.


@ltkom82 - Fire off an email to big Tim!

Explain clearly you didn't do anything and even post a picture of the slot area to prove its not been damaged by something pushed in.

Make clear you are disillusioned with the Apple Store's handling of this and how your future buying will be altered by this episode.

In any case don't forget to accept the answer here, thanks!


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