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Repair information for the fall 2018 addition to the ASUS ROG Zephyrus lineup. This is a high-end gaming laptop in the thinnest frame for those specs at the time. Model number: GX531GS-AH76.

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My Asus Rog G531G shut down and will NOT start up again

I have been using an Asus Rog G531GT-BB51 for 1.5 years and this morning it completely shut-down.

After 20 minutes of use, the fan started to get a bit louder, then there was a subtle buzz(?) and it shut off. I have tried holding power, changing outlets, and removing the battery etc.

There are no lights and no action. Can anyone help troubleshoot a bit more or has this happened to anyone else? Warranty expired 6 months ago.

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Hi @spooner06 ,

If there is a problem with the power into the laptop then the battery cannot be recharged and will discharge if the laptop is on and eventually the laptop will shutdown and it cannot be restarted until the charging problem has been fixed

If there is no indication of power on the laptop when the charger is plugged in it may be either a faulty charger, a faulty DC-In jack (supplier example only) or worst case a problem on the motherboard.

Check that there is 20V DC on the output plug of the charger or if you haven’t got a DMM (digital multimeter) try a different known working compatible charger and check if it worked.

If the charger tests OK or you have tried a known working compatible charger check that there is a good electrical connection through the DC-In jack by using the Ohmmeter function of a DMM to test for continuity through the charge port to the motherboard. Most probably you will have to remove the motherboard to access the soldering side of the charge port on the motherboard.

Here’s a dis-assembly video which may help you. The charge port can be clearly seen at the back of the motherboard at 1:04 minutes into the video.

If the port is loose or faulty is will have to be resoldered or replaced.

If doing this yourself seems all too daunting, contact a reputable, professional laptop repair service and ask for a quote

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Thank you, based on this, I have decided to take it in to a's beyond my capabilities currently!


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