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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Playing video causes PowerBook to sleep

Whenever I play video on my PowerBook G4 (1.33GHz, 12" w/1.25GB RAM, running Mac OS X 10.5.8) the fan will spin up immediately and after a minute or two the system will go into sleep mode.

Waking it up starts the video from the point where it stopped when it went to sleep.

Also, playing videos from the browser (Safari) is very choppy.

Any solution or explanation of the cause for this?

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My first guess is that your computer might be overheating. Does it get really hot when you are watching the movies? If so, I would probably recommend opening it up and making sure the heatsink it screwed down all the way. You might also want to reapply the thermal paste to make sure the heat is being dispersed properly.

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That's the odd thing, it doesn't seem to get any hotter. I've checked the temperatures and none seem to be in the range that would normally initiate the fan. The fan will spin up very fast immediately after the movie is started. This happens with QuickTime as well as internet movies of various types, flash, Media Player, QuickTime. Quit the movie and the fan goes off.


It could be a bad thermal sensor somewhere. I had a problem with the first gaming PC that I built where it would reboot (Because of a heat trip) whenever an intensive 3D application was launched, and the processor was cool to the touch upon imediate removal of the heatsink after power down.


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