I replacing batt.The black conn. the left one , I can't connect them

When replacing the battery with a new one, one of the connectors encountered a problem during reassembly. I can no longer click this connector. That stuff is so small that making something yourself to click on is almost impossible. Now I am thinking about using conductive 'solder glue', which I apply to the tiny soldering tips, to glue the connector. Then put some silicone sealant over the connector to strengthen it a bit. To postpone that 15 euro expenditure for a while, some questions about this glue from Berger and Schroder: 1 Keep the glue conn. in place on that small surface 2 How quickly that glue dries. If too soon then the time is too short to get things in place. Some further info: it charges without that connector but does not start up. So I am hopeful when that connector is back in place I will know what time it is. I try find a solution on the internet by surge for sheets or replace the connector and cablestrip . Os somebody who had the same problems no succes. So I came up with the glue, or maybe some one had a better solution. I like too posted a photo but I can’t see how. I can do that.

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