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Is this compasitor bad?

Block Image

The compasitor is raised from the board. No other visual damage to it so I'm wondering if this is whats keeping my tv from turning on

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Hi @basworm86

The capacitor looks OK.

What is the model number of the TV?

Is the TV's red standby light on when the power is connected?

Have you tried using the TV control buttons to turn on the TV and not the remote control unit in case it is faulty?

Was there are storm or power outage just before the TV stopped working?

What if anything happens, when you go to turn on the TV?



Model # un46eh5000f

The stand by light blinks when plugged in but nothing else happens with the screen.

There is no response from the tv control switch.

I can't recall a power outage before the TV stopped working. A couple weeks heading up to it tho, the TV would randomly shut off.

The main bored had some sign or corrosion on it that I posted in another question on here. I cleaned it with alcohol but the results of the TV are the same.

I tried testing voltage by unplugging the wire that connects the power board to the main board. It never went above 1.3. I've used a multimeter about twice in my life so its possible I wasn't doing it correct.ha


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Hi @basworm86 ,

Not sure if this will work but worth a try anyway.

Disconnect the power from the TV and remove the back cover from the TV (if still on)

Disconnect the cable between the mainboard and the power board.

Reconnect the power to the TV.

The screen backlights should turn on full intensity and stay on. There will be no images because the mainboard has been disconnected

If they do then this proves that the backlights are OK and to some degree the power board is as well.

With the backlights on check the voltages on the connector where the mainboard cable was connected to on the power board and check if they are OK. The connector pin and voltage values should be printed on the power board close to the connector. Measure between an earth point (screwhead holding board to chassis) and the connector pin.

Be safety aware if you decide to try this as there is exposed lethal AC voltage on the power board, even though you are testing for lower value DC voltages. Also do not short out any pins with the meter probe by bridging the probe between two pins on the connector.

If the backlights don’t turn on or if they blink, then there is a problem either with the backlights, the power board or both.

Measure the voltage between each of the +VLED connector pins and earth. (find cable going from power board to LCD screen- usually only 6-8 wires to find +VLED connector on power board). I don’t know the TV but there may be 2 or 3 +VLED wires and 2 or 3 -VLED wires. If the voltage is >220V DC then there is a problem with the backlights. If the voltage is <50VDC then the problem is with the power board.

Hopefully a start


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It’s normal for caps like this to be raised above the board. When a capacitor goes bad the top usually pops

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Thank you for responding.


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