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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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No Network Connection/ No Signal At all! T_T

Hi..good morning.. I have this problem..they replaced my charging board with a new one because its not charging, and its charging again…the problem is…after they do the the signal/network connection is gone. I’ve already did a factory reset hoping that its a software problem..but its still the same….the technician here said he dont know how to fix this..hopefully you guys can help me with this…thanks.

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I’ve also changed to different new sim cards, still no network connection/no signal. I tried all of these sim cards with my cousins phone and it works…I’m also at a place where there is a good network/signal coverage.


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There may be a possibility that they used the wrong charge port. With samsung devices there are a few variants for charge ports, rear cameras, and antennas. If the wrong port is used, it usually leads to a “No Sim” message despite a sim card being installed. The next issue could be damage to the small antenna cables that go from the motherboard to the charging board assembly. Have them open it up and inspect those cables and ensure they used the correct port for your device.

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