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De grotere versie van Samsung's nieuwste smartphone, de Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Uitgebracht in April van 2017.

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Mom of soldier needs help

My son purchased 2 galaxy s8+ for him and his girlfriend before he was deployed to Iraq! 2 months after he was deployed his girlfriend cheated on him and I made her give the phone back! It’s been in my kitchen drawer since then! My phone recently died and I can not afford another one because I’m a single mom so I got the s8 out and low and behold it’s frp locked and that girl refuses to give me any of the information to it ! I have tried everything to bypass this frp but I’m not a guru and I need a phone badly! What do I do! I’ve contacted the carrier and without this info I’m screwed they say! I don’t understand and there has got to be a way to get into this phone ! I have not been able to speak to my son sonce my phone died to let him know what she did! Listen if anyone has a solution of how I can get into this stupid phone I would so appreciate it! I just want to have a way to talk to my son I haven’t spoken to him since my old phone died! This just is not fair and I am devastated! Someone please help! I am willing to give my email to anyone willing to help me ! I’m using my sisters phone to make this post hoping That anyone could please help me ! Thank you so much

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power the phone off and turn it on but hold the volume up or down then there will be a option to reset the phone.

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Do you mean like in the reboot system! Because when i scroll down to reset the phone it says in red that I wil need the email address and password and I don’t have that!


oh well i dont know how to go on from that.


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