Need help with resetting the BIOS/UEFI

After “resetting” the BIOS password by simply not inputting anything, I’ve accidentally locked myself out of the BIOS due to the BIOS saying “password incorrect” whenever I input anything. Do note I’m using XiaoMi’s Notebook Pro instead of the Air, however the Pro is not listed in the “devices” list provided by iFixit.

Help is very appreciated, as I have tried removing the battery and letting it sit for a while, which is the only solution that I have found so far from other people, which does not work for me.

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I'm confused. You HAD a BIOS password initially and then cleared it by entering nothing and now when you go into the BIOS, it still asks you for a password? Are you sure you changed it to blank? Have you tried the old password? Have you tired a blank space (as some people press the space bar thinking it's a "blank")


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