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KitchenAid KUDI01FLSS3 will only do Heavy Duty Cycle

My dishwasher (KitchenAid KUDI01FLSS3 ) will only perform the Heavy Duty Cylce. Won’t perform a rinse cycle, won’t perform the “normal” wash cycle. Other than that i really like the unit, have had it for quite awhile. Do you recommend i get a new control unit?

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Hi @scuffyduffduff ,

Here’s the tech sheet for the dishwasher that may help you to decide if a new control board, keypad assembly or cable etc is needed or if you can fix it yourself.

In the sheet there is a section regarding checking keypad assembly which details the checks for the keypad for the available wash options.

There is also information about how to enter the diagnostic mode.

If you determine that a part is faulty and needs to be replaced search online for KUDI01FLSS3 parts to find suppliers that suit you best.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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