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The EliteBook 820 G2 is a 12.5" business-oriented laptop manufactured by HP in 2015.

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How can change charging port of elitebook 820 g2?

Hi, I have hp elitebook 820 g2 laptop. Its battery doesn't charge with adapter. I tried different ways. I bought new adapter also bought new battery but the problem is still there. When I pluged in adapter then I can use the laptop. Battery is not charged. So please advise me is this charging port issue ? If so can I buy new charging port to fix it ? Thank you.

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Hi Qasim,

I don’t think that your problem is the charging port if the laptop works from the adapter.

There is most likely something wrong with the charging circuit and/or the charging IC. I attached a couple of schematics from a similar model (840 G2), they don’t tend to vary in huge detail. The concept should be the same.

On the first image U6000 is the IC that talks with the charger on the bi-directional data line SDA_BAT_CHG. I would start looking around those lines to see if there is a damaged component or a short circuit to ground.

Block Image

Block Image

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