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Is this repairable? Capacitor and pad torn off.

A capacitor was broke off the backside of my asus 3080 when I was installing a waterblock. Wondering if this is repairable? And the best way to go about it. I'll have better photos Monday when my digital microscope gets here. Thanks!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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You should be able to build that pad up, if you cannot it looks like there is a veer beside it and you would just need to scrape the surface than run a jumper. I would put some leaded solder on the pad and use an iron or mini hot tweezers. Depending on what’s on the reverse side you might be able to put a bit of hot air as well as the iron if the solder will not flow.

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I've seen something about using mg-8331 to rebuild the pads then you can solder to that. Do you know anything about this? It would seem to be the easiest way for my limited skills.


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