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HP’s 2-in-1 convertible laptop released in April 2015, identified by model number: 13-4003dx.

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Does anyone know where I can source this bezel?

Hello, i broke this bezel on my display along with the lcd. does anyone know where i can source it?

Block Image

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Here’s the lcd and touch screen

new link

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Hello, unfortunately this doesnt include the plastic part i broke. Do you know where i can source it?


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The bezel is not shown as a separate part in the maintenance and service guide for the laptop or even in the HP partsurfer parts lists for the laptop, so I’m assuming that it comes as part of the display assembly.

Check if there is a part number stamped, embossed etc, anywhere on the bezel itself. If there is then search online using the number only to hopefully get a result for a supplier.

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