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Repair guides and support for your Mitsubishi TV, no longer produced by Mitsubishi Electric.

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Can my screen be repaired 52 in screen is brok

And what will it cost

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And do you come to the house to fix it


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ifixit does not do repairs.

Anyone can offer free advice on how to fix it yourself or what to do if you cannot.

If the TV screen is physically broken it cannot be repaired. The screen has to be replaced.

Replacement screens are hard to find however.

Disconnect the power from the TV and then remove the back cover. Find the make and model number of the screen on the back of the screen itself. This may take some dis-assembly. Do not be surprised if the screen’s manufacturer’s name as shown on the make and model number is different to the TV manufacturer’s name as most screens are made by specialist screen manufacturers to order by the TV manufacturer.

Once you have the screen make and model number, search online using that information to hopefully find a replacement screen.

Sometimes replacement screens, if you can find one, can cost nearly half as much as a new TV.

An option to consider is to advertise your TV as Mitsubishi (insert TV model number) broken screen - good for parts to hopefully recoup some of the cost towards a new TV. Working boards from a TV are always in demand

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