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LG Dishwasher making a grinding noise, not starting

My dishwasher started, but stopped a couple minutes after. It is now filled with water but won’t drain or do anything. It comes on but it is making a grinding noise and will not continue cycle.

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Hi @aab0414 ,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?

it sounds as though there is something caught in the circulation pump.

Open the dishwasher and set both the sprayarms in a remembered position and then start the dishwasher again.

Stop it after a few moments of hearing the pump trying to work and check if they have moved. If they haven't then there is something wrong with the pump.

Knowing the dishwasher model number will help to possibly find the service manual (if it is online) which will show how to get in the diagnostic modes for the dishwasher so that you can operate the drain pump to drain the water and then you can check if it is the circulation pump etc. Otherwise you will have to turn off the machine and disconnect the power and bail the water out so that you can check what is wrong.

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Thank you for your answer! I believe the model number is LDF567#** or LDT567#**

Both are listed as model number!


Hi @aab0414

Sorry I can't find a service manual for the dishwasher Try looking behind the "kick plate" (toe plate?) for the tech sheet. Sometimes it is located there in a plastic sleeve.

I could only find the parts diagram for a LDT5678BD/00 which may help. (it has the same parts as for LDT5678ST/00).

There are two "drain" pumps listed as well as a diverter motor and I believe that the more expensive of the "drain pumps" (i.e. it costs $US120 more than the other and they are both there) is actually the circulation pump. The diverter motor redirects the water so that it no longer gets circulated through the machine but is diverted in the sump to be pumped out by the drain pump.

As I suggested you may have to remove the pump and check that it is not being blocked etc.


Thank you so much for all the information!


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