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How to identify which connector is positive and which is negative

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue with D55un-e1 LED tv. LED driver/power supply is not working after using a multimeter. I wanted to check if it’s the backlights so I got an LED tester. However, the connector points do NOT indicate which connectors are positive and which are negative. (Power supply board : PLTVHU401XABV).

Here is the picture of the connectors

Block Image

Block Image

Could anyone please help me with where to stick my negative and the positive in this situation?

Thank you so much!

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Look on the board where the LED power cable plugs into.

the VLED leads are the +ve leads and the -VLED are the -ve leads

The pin count is shown on the board i.e. 1 down the bottom or on the right when looking at the image you posted and 12 at the top or the left.

So place tester between pins 12 (+ve) and pin 10 (-ve) ON THE PLUG, (which is disconnected from the socket)

Then between pin 11(+ve) and 9 (-ve), then presumably between pin 2 (+ve) and pin 8 (-ve) and then pin 1 (+ve) and pin 7 (-ve)

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