Battery cover won't screw back on

Was replacing innards of DSi and I can't screw the battery cover on. Not quite certain I should give up and glue it on but anyone got any tips?

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Are they the right screw ? Sometimes, all the screws aint the same , the battery cover might not have the same screw than the back of the console. so if one or more of the screws was hard to put back, it's a good hint.


Well the screws on the battery cover are permanently attached to the cover itself if that makes sense. You can unscrew them from the actual DS, but the always stay part of the battery door enclosure. That's why I'm puzzled, the literally can only be the exact screw that I undid because they are part of the battery door lol.


@Cabreash ok, so when you say you can't screw it back on, do you mean you can't without forcing or that it's loose ?


@creazyp154 I'm guessing it's loose in that it infinitely screws to the right and then falls off when I pick up the DS.


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