Vizio TV vertical green lines and on-screen menus keep freezing

I have a Vizio tv (model d39f-e1) where multicolored (mostly green) vertial lines appeared the other day. They are on the image in all input options, but not the menus. I did a soft reset and this fixed it for 3 days.

Today, the lines reappeared. As before, they are not on the menus, just the on image behind itself. Now, when pressing any menu buttons, the menus get stuck onscreen and are difficult to get off. I did several soft resets today, and two factory resets. These didn’t really help much. In fact, the second factory reset took hours because each menu/selection kept freezing.

The set was struck by lightning 1.5 years ago and the HDMI ports quit working, but the composite ports work fine. No problems with the set until now otherwise.

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