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Whirlpool (WDF560SAFM2) dishwasher not circulating water

I have a one year old Whirlpool dishwasher (model WDF560SAFM2). It recently began to skip the spraying/rinsing portion of any cycle (all tried); the bottom fills with water, it heats the water, dispenses the soap, sits, and then drains. When the cycle completes, and the display says “CLEAN,” the top rack of dishes emerge as if from a sauna, very steamy, but not clean.

The filter cup (p/n W10789806), the screen (p/n W10463906), the sprayarm (p/n W10491331), the feedtube assembly (p/n W10340745), and the drain hose have been cleaned and inspected and were not clogged.

There are a few pumps, motors, and valves in the dishwasher, but because the filling and draining functions work well, I feel that my fill valve assembly (p/n W10327249) and drain pump (p/n W10724439, shown as #8 in the following image) are both likely operating normally.

There is a vaugely-named “motor” (p/n W10854710, shown as #15 in the following image), which is part of the Sump & Motor Assembly. I am thinking this is actually a motor and circulation pump sub-assembly. There is also a Diverter Motor (p/n W10849439, shown as #18 in the following image) that is also a little suspicious in my mind.

Readily admitting I do not know enough to go purchase everything needed with confidence. Hoping you all might be able to tell me how to narrow down the culprits and test suspicious parts definitively. I have a multi-meter and 20k resistors (advised in the service manual).

Any advice appreciated. Thanks

The images are from the 2017 Whirlpool parts list (Part No. W11124289 Rev. A) for WDF560SAFB2, WDF560SAFW2, WDF560SAFT2, and WDF560SAFM2.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @brea224 ,

Do the spray arms move at all when the dishwasher has been started?

Place both the arms in a remembered position and then turn on the dishwasher.

After it has filled etc can you hear if the circulation pump (part #15) is operating? It really shouldn’t spend too much time heating the water at the start of the wash cycle unless hotter temperature options have been selected as the water supply to the washer should be at 120 deg. F. (49 C). The heater element in the dishwasher is only turned on for hotter washes, rinses and drying etc.

After a short while open the door to stop the cycle and check if the arms have moved from the position that you left them in.

If not it may be the circulation pump motor or the power supply to the pump motor. Check if there is voltage being applied to the pump or not when there should be. Be safety aware as the pump operates at mains supply voltage.

It may be safer to check the pump motor windings for continuity with an Ohmmeter first. Disconnect the power from the dishwasher when using an Ohmmeter.

Also check behind the kick panel (toe panel?) of the dishwasher to see if the tech sheet is there in a plastic sleeve. This will show you how to run the diagnostic tests for the dishwasher which may be of further help. If there is no tech sheet there, I found the part number for the tech sheet - W10904612 - but unfortunately I can’t find a download for one online. You may have better luck.

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Hello- thanks for the response! I will check tomorrow; I believe they did not spin though.

Just for my understanding, am I correct in thinking the sprayarm spins because of the orientation of the holes the water comes out of, not because it is mechanically turned?

I do have a tech sheet! I found W10904613B as PDF, but was not sure how to post it here. Was thinking I'd step through it tomorrow as well.

Thanks again- will report back with what I find.



That's correct. The water being pumped through by the circulation pump comes out under pressure through the holes in the spray arms which causes them to turn. So you may want to check that they are not clogged either.

The diverter is used to redirect the water from being circulated to being drained.

You can post the document in with your QUESTION on ifixit . You cannot add images, documents etc to a comment.

Here's how to do this Adding images to an existing question. There are options to choose what type to upload, image, document etc. With documents it takes a bit longer but the principle is the same.

Hopefully the tech sheet will be for your model as not being the same number can make a difference unless I misunderstood and it came with the dishwasher.

If you need parts you can also just search for "WDF560SAFM2 parts" to find suppliers e.g. and part to name just two. Apologies if you knew this already.


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