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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a smartwatch designed, developed, and produced by Samsung Electronics, a South Korean electronics company. It can be identified by the model number SM-R500. It was released in March 2019.

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WHY does watch just keep flashing "samsung galaxy watch active"

Watch will not start nor turn off after updating. Only keeps flashing logo

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You can try resetting the device putting it in recovery mode, hold down the home/power button on the side until you reach the “rebooting” screen, then let go and press the home/power button again when on the “rebooting” screen. After this, you’ll get to a page that has red text you should be able to use the home/power button to scroll down to “recovery mode” and when you’re there hold down the home/power button. This will reset your device to factory state and allow you to use your watch again.

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i tried but that didnt work


Me too. I try and did not work


I have tried that factory reset my watch and removed it from my app on phone


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