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Model A1051 / 4 of 6 GB harde schijf

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waterdamaged-no sound

please help me, my mother washed my ipod in the running tap water, mine is not a touch-ipod, a mini ipod. when i turn it on, i can see the green light, when i plug it in, it is getting charged, but i cant hear the songs when i connect it with headphones and once i plug it in my laptop, the folder appears just for a second in 'my computer' and then it disappears. please help me.

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pls start ur own question


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You may want to try our Thirsty Bag. This will help you get all the moisture out of your device and may even solve the problem for you. Also, you may need to replace the logic board.

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you might need to just take it to apple...doh!

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