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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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MacBook turning on, power indicator on, fan spins up, shuts down

I have a 2011 17” MacBook Pro which I have attempted to fix the graphics on, first time worked. The second time I tried, I did the usual oven reflow, reassembled the computer and all I got was the optical drive and fans spinning up and the power indicator immediately followed by a shutdown. I have tried different RAM arrangements with different modules and the is no directly visible damage to the board.

Help appreciated,

Cheers, Hamish.

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Sadly, the oven trick is a short lived solution. There is a point it won’t help or could make things worse!

At this point you’ll need to find someone with the deeper skills and proper tools to see if they can isolate the issue to something other than the GPU chip. If you are lucky they maybe able to fix your system.

Otherwise, it’s time to cry and get a new system (used or new) to replace your tired friend.

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