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Canon Pixma TS3122 wireless printer

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My printer head is stuck to the right and won't move

The printer head won't move I am trying to put ink and my printer but when I open it the header is stuck to the right I cannot manually move it and it keeps flashing error code p02 and then I turn it off and turn it back on and it changes to error code e04 is there anyway I can fix this on my own?

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My printer cartridges are stuck to left


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A few things to check.

1 Be sure nothing is blocking it’s path (eg all ink cartridge locks are fully in place)

2 Try unplugging the device and plugging it back in, sometimes the bootup sequence will move the carriage before the errors

3 Try running a test print, again that can sometimes work to start moving the carriage.

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My own is not moving it show error code p70 that's d code it show then orange light


I have turn it off for 10 minutes and turn it back still the cartridge head is not moving


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your printer must be running. then open the front and lift the rest and it moved to the middle. the printer must be running. i just did it all.

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When I moved the print cartridges manually by gently pulling on the tape, I found a really gunky mess under where the black cartridge rested! Looks like the cartridge must have leaked and it was thick black gunk. Lots of cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, and a new print cartridge and it all worked again! I also cleaned the metal rod that the cartridges slide on.

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